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Hello, my name is Anuj. Hmmm....the amount of time it would take to describe one inkling of my personality, one tiny iota of my character, the smallest breadth of my distinguished and dignified being, in that seemingly short amount of time, I will have changed again making the otherwise amusing and fun story trite and valueless.

In 14 billion years however, it will all be meaningless.


Alternative Lifestyle. Alternative Gaming.
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Gaming is love.

Rock Lee is my Love

I need a hug.

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Meet my pet Pikmin:

Name: Light Blue, without a flower (the outcast Pikmin)

Age: Approximately 14 hours and counting...(a new record!)

Favorite Food: Dirt, and...yeah, dirt. Oh, and yellow goo, but it doesn't make him stronger or faster or anything... :(

Favorite Hobby: OBEYING ORDERS, Carrying and trucking stuff around for me without disobeying orders...sometimes randomly drowning or getting killed by big stuff all over the place.

Adopt your very own monster today!